10 Commandments

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When Miss Acacia was merely 18 years of age, she formalized with the Board of Corrective Women, a list of rules which all men must obey.

She first envisioned them as applying to all Institutes of Feminine Discipline in the country, but has recently started an ever growing campaign to have all Women enforce these rules on the male creatures in their lives, at all times.

This amazing ability demonstrated by the precocious Miss Acacia at such a young age, is one of the many reasons for her quick rise to the top.

She was recently elected to the Highest Honor in the Land, Miss Overseer Supreme, the youngest in Board of Corrective Women History


  • Masturbation

    No Unsupervised Masturbation
    Always Remember That Wanking Rhymes with Spanking!

    Masturbation is forbidden. Once monthly all males will be allowed a group, supervised masturbation session, where
    they will be allowed to look at the Overseer on Duty and squirt into tissues. Any other wanking is strictly forbidden.

    Any male creature who is caught masturbating without permission will be given a 100 stroke, over the knee, hairbrush spanking, followed by a caning.

    Miss Acacia, During a Recent Group Wank
    "This miscreant Thought The MOS Was Actually Going To Allow Him To Wank!
    He Soon Learned Differently!"

  • Erections!

    Erections Are Forbidden!

    Call them boners, hardons, stiffies or whatever, a hard penis is forbidden. This applies at all times, including during spankings and scoldings. If a bulge is detected in your pants at anytime, you will be very soundly spanked.

    While we Women recognize the powerful effect our Goddess Given Beauty has on you, you must show respect
    at all times. Ogling Us and springing a boner objectifies us and shows total disrespect for that beauty, a beauty
    of which you should be in total awe.

    Miss Rebekah
    "In a devilish mood, I summoned these two hapless creatures for simple
    chore assignements. Having seen the inevitable forbidden bulge, I made
    each one show me his stiffy, slapped each stiffy till it was soft, then spanked
    the dickens out of both of them. They then went about their chores."

    "Just another day in the Institute of Feminine Discipline."

  • Spankings!

    Minimum Two Spankings Per Day

    Two a day: each male will be assigned two times when he will report to the Overseer on Duty for his daily spankings. Males will be spanked at least twice every day during their stay. The severity is up to the Overseer.

    Daily spankings will have no effect on earned spankings. Daily spankings are a constant reminder to behave, and that males have no say whatsoever. They belong over Women's Knees, and so be it.

    Earned spankings will be given at the Overseer's discretion. When a male creature misbehaves, he will be spanked. Even if he just received one of his daily spankings five minutes earlier, it shall have no bearing on the Overseers decision on dealing with his current indiscretion.

    Miss Acacia
    Our Supreme Leader, Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia, often makes visits
    to the various Institutes of Feminine Discipline. It is a very lucky creature indeed, who
    receives one of his daily spankings from our Supreme Oveerseer.

    Recognizing the powerful effect She has, and what a privelege it is for the male,
    She has been known to sometimes allow him to kneel reverently at her side and
    humbly masturbate after the spanking. It is not something he will ever forget.

  • Sexual Frustration!

    Keep Them On The Edge

    Our males want sexual pleasure and release more than anything.
    If you keep them pent up most of the time
    They will behave better, hoping you will at some point allow this release

    Miss Shay
    "This was at a recent group wank session. Boys who obey the no masturbation rule for a month
    are allowed to view our beauty and make their messes into tissues.
    However, even during this reward time, it is imperative that they know you are in charge
    and may or may not allow what they are begging for.
    In this case, this male did behave fairly well throughout the torment and I let him squirt"

  • Underpants Inspections!

    Underpants Must Always Be Clean

    Males must always have clean underwear. Twice daily each male will present himself to an Overseer for underwear inspection. It is also recommended, though not required, that at this time, she also inspect his penis for tell tale signs of mischief. If he gets erect during this inspection, he will be in violation of Commandment 2 as well as Commandment 5.

    She will be looking for any types of stains, and will be very unhappy if she finds any. Signs of Masturbation will
    of course result in two fold discipline, for violating two commandments.

    Miss Rebekah
    "I generally find it wise to perform Underpants Inspections
    while sittiing on my Spanking Stool. This of course, is because
    most inspections inevitably end up with a spanking"

  • Admin Duties

    Assisting With Overseers' Adminstrative Duties

    Since so much filing of behaviour history, discipline admininistered etc, is a tedious job for all Women, She may
    have him do much of it, as long as he does it correctly. There is paperwork, as well as computer work on the
    Board of Corrective Women site which must be done daily. The males will do this or assist with it, under the
    supervision of the Women.

    Recently Miss Acacia has gotten a bit annoyed with this practice of allowing the males to do it, as they "mess it
    up so much...they can't do anything right!" Thus She is considering disallowing it and this is being discussed. It is
    up to all Women to make sure he does it right, so that She will allow us to coninue using them for this chore

    Miss Amy
    "Our Admin Duties are tedious, but it is very important that Board of Corrective Women
    Records be kept accurate regading each males' behaviour record"

  • Alcohol and Tobacco

    Drinking & Smoking Are Forbidden

    Alcohol and tobacco are strictly forbidden. There is none in the house and no male shall purchase or consume
    any when on shopping chores.

    During his stay at any Institute of Feminine Discipline, the male creature will not be allowed a single drop of alcohol.

    Miss Amy
    "This creature returned from an errand with beer on his breath.
    As you can see, I do not take such violations lightly!"

  • Bed Time!
    Wake Up Time!

    Males Bedtime Is 9pm

    9PM is bedtime for all males, unless special permission is given to stay up later to serve the Overseers.

    Leave your door open and go to bed. At 9PM the Overseer on Duty will look in each room. If she closes your door, consider yourself lucky.

    Miss Shay
    "At a few minutes past 9, I discovered this silly creature skulking around the drawing room.
    For the following week, I decreed he report to the Overseer on Duty at 8PM,
    for a bare bottom slippering, then off to bed with him!"

    Wake Up Time!

    Up at 6am SHARP!

    6AM is wakeup time. The Overseer on duty will make sure all males arise from bed.
    She will inspect their bedding and penises for signs of masturbation.
    The male creatures will then begin morning chores, cleaning the house and preparing breakfast.


  • No Talking

    Males Will Observe Monastic Silence-Unless Spoken To

    Males are forbidden to speak to each other at any time.

    There may be Overseer Exemption, when for instance the creatures may tell each other what naughty boys they are, and how much they like spankings etc. This is most embarassing for them, and extremely amusing for the Overseer.

    Miss Shay
    "This naughty boy was cleaning the living room while I read my magazine.
    Not being too bright, he started a conversation with the other creature assigned to clean.
    The other one was smart enough to keep quiet. Had I not been there, I doubt he
    would have remianed silent. How this fool thought he could get away with it, is beyond me."

    "Perhaps he just wanted a strapping. Well he got one!"

  • HRMs

    Higher Regarded Males

    At the Women's discretion, some males may be granted Higher Regarded Male (HRM) status.

    Higher regarded males will be given certain intimate chores, such as bathing the women, hand washing their lingerie.
    At no time will any mischief be tolerated during these chores. Nor are erections permitted.

    Higher Regarded Male Status is a rare privelege and can be awarded, or revoked, at any time, by any Overseer. Since a higher regarded male is basically owned by the Overseer whom awards him this status, if any other Overseer thinks he has done something to cause revocation, She will consult with his Owner Overseer and make Her recommendation

    Here a Higher Regarded Male prepares to hand wash his Overseer's Panties.
    Though this is a privelege and very exciting for him, he must of course observe
    all the Commandments during this chore. Even the slightest hint of an erection
    may result in her revoking his HRM status and caning him severely